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    FENDA | 奋达智能

    Fenda Smart Technology Limited is a subsidiary Business Unit of Fenda Technology Company, a publicly listed company on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

    Our team has more than 300 product development engineers for electronics, software, mechanical, apps and server development.

    We are experienced and competent in Product Development and Project Management; Electronic, Mechanical, Firmware Design and Engineering; Quality Assurance; New Product Introduction and Industrialisation; Procurement and Production Planning; Quality Management System (compliance and documentations) and R+D for Advanced Development and New Technologies.
    Our focus is Sports, Fitness and Healthcare products and technologies and we provide OEM/ODM manufacturing services for our Global International and China customers in Sports and Fitness products and applications, Healthcare and Medical devices with FDA, CE MDD, CFDA and ISO13485 compliance and certifications.

    Product Development Capabilities

    Product Development Overview

    Product Development Capabilities – Hardware Development

    We are experienced and competent in waterproof wearable products, such as IPX7, IPX8, 1ATM, 5ATM, etc. and we are good at HW design with Low power consumption platform, such as Nordic, Dialog, Apollo, etc.  We also work with our partners on Qualcomm and MTK platform products with Android system. We are good at BLE4.2/5.0 solution, we setup a powerful HW test team to control all BT performance, power consumption and other HW design quality.

    Product Development Capabilities – Software Platform

    Product Development Capabilities – APP Development

    Product Development Capabilities – Algorithms Development


    We have algorithm for activity, sleep, heart rate, SPO2, stress, and other vital signs detection from wearable sensors.


    Product Development Capabilities – Cloud Server Development


    Quality and Manufacturing Excellence
    Manufacturing Capabilities – SMT

    Automated Production Workshop (AI、SMT)


    Manufacturing Capabilities – Cell Manufacturing and High Capacity Manufacturing
    Smart Wearable Products Dust-free Workshop

    Manufacturing Capabilities – 100% PCBA Functional Testing

    Bluetooth and PCBA Test (Dedicated for Wearable products)

    Manufacturing Capabilities- Automated Testing

    After each procedure ,there will be auto test system used to detect the problem, so that the problems could be found as early as possible and won’t pass to the next procedure. 

    This will be highly efficient and could avoid the missing test by worker.

    Manufacturing Capabilities – On-line Production Testing

    High Precision ancillary equipment for Wearable products

    Manufacturing Capabilities- Glue Dispensing


    In order to strengthen the tightness of IC, resistor, capacitor etc electron components on FPC, black adhesive is applied on the pins of components. Technician programmed firstly according to the components’ pins ,then Glue dispenser  will dispense automatically. It could make 15pcs adhesive points per second , and the size of adhesive point is only 0.25mm, thus very small components could be dispensed accurately and tightly.    

    Quality Assurance- Reliability Testing
    Reliability Test  (Dedicated for Wearable products)


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